Two minimally prepped porcelain veneers

this patient presented to us with old direct composite bondings on two central incisors. We elected to proceed with two minimally prepped porcelain veneers to match the aesthetics of the neighbouring teeth such as the shade gradient and also the slight translucency and the edges of the teeth.

Restored 6 Upper Teeth with Porcelain Veneers

this patient presented to us with severely eroded, worn down and chipped teeth. Previously the front teeth were restored with resin restorations which had failed over time. We started with a restorative mockup to make sure we achieve a harmonious smile. 6 upper teeth were restored with porcelain veneers.

Patient Case 8 Porcelain Veneers

In this case we used 8 porcelain veneers to rejuvenate this patient’s smile. This patient was unhappy with color and chipping of her teeth. There had been some bonding done on few teeth years ago which had started to age and need to be replaced. Using minimal preparation and beautiful porcelain veneers we were able…

Patient Case: Porcelain Crown

Teeth tend to change color after a root canal treatment and this can lead to these teeth standing out in your smile. This patient has very white and healthy teeth but the discoloration of one of the central teeth due to root canal treatment took away from her smile. Our goal for this case was…

Patient Case Porcelain Crown

This case presented with several issues: congenitally missing teeth, missing teeth due to trauma, misalignment, failing crowns, and discoloration. With occlusal recalibration, implants, full porcelain crowns, and zirconia bridges – we were able to give this patient a natural and healthy smile he was looking for all his life.

Patient Case: 10 Porcelain Veneer

Smile make over with 10 porcelain veneers. In this case patient came to us unhappy with the current smile and display of teeth. After reviewing orthodontic and restorative treatment plans patient elected to proceed with a smile makeover with 10 porcelain veneers.