We at Luna Dentistry are committed to providing the most pleasant patient experience. For those of us who can be anxious about dental treatment, we offer Nitrous oxide sedation for all of our general dentistry procedures, and IV sedation for more complicated surgical procedures.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

We use Nitrous oxide combined with oxygen, (most commonly known as “laughing gas”), to provide relaxation and lower anxiety during a dental procedure. By just simply breathing in through your nose the effects are brought on quickly, and wear off quickly. While being conscious and completely aware, you experience a sense of relaxation while having your dental procedure completed.

IV Sedation

For patients undergoing more extensive dental procedures, we offer IV sedation. This is the sedation of choice for patients who do not want to be aware of the dental work is being done, however are awake the entire time. This form of sedation is done through an IV. Once the procedure is completed you will be discharged to your home.

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